Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.
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Lipu effectively combines warehousing with production

Industrial production requires a great deal of space, time and money for the conventional storage of heavy and large plates. This means that the warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

Since 1997 Lipu has dedicated itself to solving these problems. We have developed an entirely new storage system that seamlessly combines the warehouse functions with production, allowing you to save floor space, enhance your business profitability and improve work safety.

Lipu is a hydraulically operated system that enables the storage of large plates and sheets in the vertical position in close proximity to the processing station. Plates and sheets are loaded to and unloaded from storage in the horizontal position, which makes their handling easy with the aid of cranes or forklifts Thanks to this method, the correct plate or sheet is easily found for immediate access, without cumbersome transfer routes through the production premises.

Lipuís head office is located in Savonlinna, Finland, and our expanding distributor network serves our customers locally in different parts of the world.

Lipu Oy • Majakkaniemi 30 • 57200 Savonlinna, Finland • lipu@lipu.fi • Tel. +358 (0)40 558 1278