Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

The correct plate is found immediately.

Load it and pack it up!


Warehouse Control System (WCS) Integration

Warehouse Control Systems make routine operations more efficient, smooth and reliable. Therefore it is important to make sure all automated systems and equipment are integrated correctly. Sometimes the need for a warehouse control system only becomes obvious with the production expansion. Then the decision comes down to selecting the system that is not only efficient, but can also be fully tailored for your warehouse.

If you already have a WCS (Warehouse Control System), LIPU systems can be customized to make the integration as smooth and flawless as possible. The connection can be cable or wireless, and remote diagnostics can be ensured to facilitate analysis and reaction in an unlikely situation of malfunctioning. LIPU can also provide and install a turn-key solution that would include its own automated warehouse control system. Specifically designed software will ensure maximum automation for cost-effectiveness and efficient warehouse operation.


Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

LIPU systems can also be integrated into open Warehouse Management Systems. Our specialists will help to evaluate, plan and implement the integration based on the WMS you use and your needs for production and automation. By assessing your existing management system, we will be able to offer the most suitable LIPU solution for your warehouse. If you are interested in preliminary evaluation, please contact us to discover how LIPU will work with your warehouse management system.


The right system for the right place

A central element in all Lipu system projects consists of pinning down the customer’s real needs for storage and production. With this analysis as the basis, we define a system that best serves the purpose in question, either using our standard products or by tailoring an individual solution in accordance with the application requirements.

Automation planning and defining the automation level is also included in our services. In addition to the Lipu system, the automation plan covers interfacing with the production plant’s other automation and information systems, including the control of potential peripheral equipment such as a crane, among others.

Having defined and assembled the Lipu storage systems, they will be delivered, installed and tested on a turnkey basis.

User and maintenance training are essential elements in our services, to ensure the correct and efficient use of Lipu systems, and their long-term operational reliability. Our local distributors provide speedy repair and maintenance of Lipu equipment in exceptional situations. Automated systems can be connected to remote diagnostics to speed up troubleshooting.