Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

The correct plate is found immediately.

Load it and pack it up!

Automated warehouse storage systems

A storage system as an integral part of the warehouse automation

Alongside the manual control, an automation system can control LIPU storage systems. Either a cable or wireless connection may connect the storage system control. Automation works with a production program to identify each plate in the storage seat, opens the right storage seat, removes the plate, and transfers it to the processing station with a crane. Automation prepares the storage system to move the next plate automatically.

Storage automation system can be connected with the warehouse information system. The connection enables real-time monitoring of the warehouse situation. Automated warehouse storage system can also use remote diagnostics, which speeds up the analysis of malfunction situations – even when unexpected.


LIPU – more capacity and safety

LIPU systems are designed for the storage of large steel, wood and composite plates and sheets, including heavy duty plates. The automated warehouse storage system is hydraulically operated and always highly customizable to fit the specific needs of the location. With LIPU system, loading and unloading happens in the horizontal position. To save storage space and to bring plates and sheet closer to the processing station, LIPU stores plates and sheets efficiently in the vertical position — that way the unique automated warehouse storage system reduces the floor space requirement by as much as 80 percent.


Automated storage systems in warehouses

Automated storage systems in warehouses make every day storing more efficient, flexible, fast and reliable — automated systems allows to improve the warehousing and goods distribution by optimizing any material flow. With automated warehouse storage system the whole process of the storing, retrieval and relocation of goods can be operated fully automatically. So when you want to maximize your productivity ratios, reducing the space and the number of movements, automated storage system provides warehouses everything they need and even more.


Automated picking systems in warehouses

Automated warehouse picking systems use machines for handling the inventory, loading and unloading the warehouse. Picking solutions by LIPU are hydraulically operated and can be fully or partially automated, based on the needs of your warehouse. Picking and relocating automation allows more efficient operation of the warehouse and ensures maximum control, safety and stability thanks to modern technologies.


Automated warehouse system that bases on your needs 

A central element in all LIPU systems consist of pinning down the customer’s real needs for storage and production. With this analysis as the base, we define an automated warehouse system that can serve the purpose in question, either using our standard products or by tailoring an individual solution in accordance with the application requirements. Automation planning and defining the automation level is also included in our services. In addition to the LIPU system, the automation plan covers interfacing with the production plant’s other automation and information systems, including the control of potential peripheral equipment such as a crane, among others. Having defined and assembled the LIPU automation systems, they will be delivered, installed and tested on a turnkey basis. User and maintenance training are essential elements in our services, to ensure the correct and efficient use of LIPU automated warehouse system, and their long-term operational reliability. Our local distributors provide speedy repair and maintenance for equipment in exceptional situations. Automated warehouse systems can also be connected to remote diagnostics to speed up troubleshooting.


Automated warehouse storage systems enhance your business

Automation of the warehouse storage can help to significantly reduce the need of space, time, and money in industrial storing, when compared to conventional, manual solutions. Automated solutions allow to combine the most efficient techniques of storing and handling bulk industrial inventory, at the same time minimising potential human errors and increasing safety at work. 
To make warehouse storage automation even more reliable, Lipu systems are free from complicated and failure-prone structures. This means that they are easy to maintain, with the calculated service cycle being as long as 25 years.


Save your resources and make warehousing more efficient with LIPUs automated warehouse storage system!