Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

The correct plate is found immediately.

Load it and pack it up!


Robust but flexible construction

Lipu systems can be dimensioned flexibly to meet a wide variety of production requirements. The size, number and capacity of storage seats is scaled in compliance with the plate size and the amount of plate types used.

Depending on the application, a system may have 7, 8, 10, 12 or 16 pivotable storage seats, plus one fixed seat. The capacity of a single storage seat is 2 500 – 60 000kg. The capacity depends on the number of frames. The storable plates may be 2 – 24m long and 1 – 4m wide. We can also tailor an individual solution in accordance with your specific needs, should your plate size deviate from our standard systems.

Lipu systems are free from complicated and failure-prone structures. This means that our systems are easy to maintain, with their calculated service life being as long as 25 years. Furthermore, the Lipu system structures have a warranty period of five years.


Among other accessories we supply extra supports for thin plates, storage containers for plate pieces, and special coating material to prevent contact between ferrous arms and storable materials.