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Long goods storage systems

Long goods storage systems JUMBO and MULTI

Easy storage of long items JUMBO and MULTI storage systems are an efficient way to store tubes, rods, and profiles in a small space for secure handling. The robust, self-contained storage racks JUMBO and MULTI are durable and reliable. The goods stored in JUMBO and MULTI storage systems are handled by crane, as each storage slot is movable horizontally in the OPEN position. Our convenient mechanism eliminates the inconvenient lifting and handling of conventional storage racks. Both systems are available in 1 or 2-sided form, and because of their modular design, the racks are fully customizable for the available storage space. The system is available in a variety of widths, from 520, 720, 920, or even 1120 mm, to fit your storage space. The storage capacity is 500-7500 kg, and the number of storage slots is 3-12, depending on the model.