Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

The correct plate is found immediately.

Load it and pack it up!

Open storage system

When you are looking for a new, more efficient open storage system, LIPU Oy provides you the most safest and user friendliest hydraulically operated warehouse storage system, that can significantly improve your production machinery utilisation and productivity.

Increase safety and capacity of your warehouse

LIPUs open storage system has been designed specifically for storing big plates and thick sheets. Hydraulically operated storage racking system consists of pivotable storage seats and frames. Open system stores different kinds of plates and sheets in a new vertical position, so the goods can be easily loaded and unloaded while the selected seat is in horizontal position. Every storage seat is very easily filled and emptied with a forklift or a bridge crane from each side, front and above. At the same time the new storage system improves work safety in the warehouse environment.

Don’t waste your resources

Vertical and open storage system like LIPUs reduces the warehouses floor space requirement even as much as 80%. In addition you can also store plates in more close proximity to the processing station to reduce the time wasted with unnecessary transfers and impact damage.

One storage seat can be scrolled just in 35 seconds, thanks to the separate storage seats that also allow the workers to find the correct plates more faster so the goods can be accessed for processing without any delay. This means that the facility can make even more significant improvements in production machine productivity and utilisation.

Manual or automated? You choose which one you like!

LIPUs new storage systems can be controlled manually or with an automation system. Control can be connected by a cable or a wireless contact. Each plate are also identified by an automatic control production program that opens the correct storage seat, removes the plate and transfers it to the processing station. The storage system also automatically prepares itself to transfer the next plate.

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